Readers Write: June 7

Driver’s fine of $1,590 is an injustice

I was completely shocked to read about Ms. Ford’s experience with the municipal court in Grantville (“Dirty license plate leads to $1,590 fine,” News, June 2) — mostly because I did not formerly believe that there was a court that was more of a nightmare than that of the city of Atlanta. Congratulations, Judge Reeves and Grantville on this most-dubious honor. Ms. Ford has my sympathy. If she set up a fund, I would probably contribute, although with misgivings, since I would prefer to have real justice done and have the court erase her fine and apologize profusely. Thank you, AJC, for exposing this type of injustice.


Letter obfuscates issues on climate change

A recent letter-writer attacked Georgia lawmakers for their science-based pro-life stance; then the writer shifted and attacked those who refuse to blindly accept climate change advocates’ extremist opinions. As with most liberals, the letter-writer obfuscates the real issues and questions on climate change. While we all have observed that our climate has been changing during the last few decades, there is little science, only theories, that this is not still another cyclical climate change period. Certainly, human activity adds to the changes in our climate, but why do so many liberals believe we must virtually destroy our economy? These scientists cannot agree on the causes of climate change or what we can reasonably do about it. Also note that many of these “scientists” are paid by grants that will end if they disagree with the agenda. Since so many of these “scientists” lean to the left, most have sold their credibility. All I want is the whole truth and what we can reasonably do.