Readers Write: June 9

No excuse for uptick in tuition

Having read the article about the young woman who prostituted herself in order to attend college because of exorbitant tuition costs (“Website: ‘Sugar daddies’ for college,” News, May 30), every college president should hide his face in shame. Every Board of Regents overseeing tuition costs, raising them, raising presidents’ salaries should resign in shame. There is no excuse for the continual uptick in tuition.

And what of the “sugar daddies” preying on the young who are desirous of an education and see no other way?

If as you say in the article this young woman is not an isolated case, surely this is a wake-up call to colleges and universities that something must be done to rein in tuition costs.


Excuses undermine pro-Latino picture

Mary Sanchez’s pro-Latino voice against Donald Trump is understandable (“What Latinos know about America that Trump doesn’t,” Opinion, May 31). But excusing violent Latino protests and out-of-control anger undermines her glowing picture of Latino immigrants — unfazed by illegal versus legal status — and their contributions to America.

Sanchez's bio at states: "Sanchez understands that Latinos in the United States … make up a number of diverse and complex communities. Sanchez knows that commentary on immigration, culture and politics needs to reflect that fact — the one-size-fits-all approach no longer works."

That is unless one is upbraiding a Republican presidential candidate, where her one-size analysis fits her needs just fine. When defending fellow Latinos’ patriotism by wrapping them in the flag, Sanchez needs to make sure it’s not a Mexican one.