Readers write: June 12

Boggs well-suited for federal bench

Federal judge nominee and fellow Georgian Michael Boggs is learning how quickly and viciously his fellow Democrats will turn on anyone who strays from the party’s unyielding pro-abortion fixation. His moderate views on abortion, which reflect both the law and public opinion in his native state, are taboo in today’s Democratic Party. And they wonder why they can’t win elections outside urban centers in the South.

Judge Boggs seems like an intelligent and thoughtful man, probably well suited for the federal bench, but he should have known that he was fighting a losing battle with the rabid pro-abortionists within his own party in the U.S. Senate. This would have been a good time for him to stand by his beliefs and not grovel at their feet.


Clean Power Plan would cut pollution

I appreciate The Atlanta Journal-Constitution publishing the article addressing the EPA’s proposed global warming rule (“Few answers, lots of spin on carbon rules,” June 4, Business). As a kid, spending long summer days biking, running, swimming and playing outside games is the personification of a great day spent. However, if you’re a kid living in the metro Atlanta area, your day might get ruined by constant wheezing, coughing and maybe even an asthma attack.

Global warming can contribute to heat waves and drought, and it helps increase the range of mosquitoes that can spread diseases such as the West Nile virus. To live a healthy lifestyle that includes enjoying the outdoors, carbon emissions must be reduced. The Clean Power Plan would cut global warming pollution from coal-fired power plants. The plants are the largest source of U.S. carbon emissions. The proposal needs our full support.


Don’t say Bergdahl served honorably

According to White House Security Advisor Susan Rice, Benedict Arnold — because he once wore a United States military uniform — would be considered to have served this country “honorably,” as she suggests Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl did. Give me a break. First the Benghazi lie, then this one.


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