Readers Write: June 10

Jenner just changed appearance

“I am not alone!” That was the thought that kept going through my mind as I read your (“Caitlyn or Bruce? Why I’m confused,” Gracie Bonds Staples, June 6). As you, I read the scriptures daily and thought it was my sense that this was saying, “God was wrong” was why I felt uneasy when hearing this story. I didn’t hear many (if not anyone) say they didn’t understand or let alone did not condone his actions. The politically correct stance was to accept and applaud the new look. But that’s all I saw was a new look. I do not see what Jenner did to be different than anyone else who has plastic surgery. They all just changed their appearance. I really didn’t understand the accolades of bravery. After all we never said Joan Rivers was brave after one of her facelifts and we certainly did not use the term brave when talking about the real-life Barbie. But after reading your article I realized it is not a bias or disagreement with his/her actions that creates my uneasy feeling. It is more basic than that. I just don’t understand how a person wakes up one day and says I want or need to change my gender – at least on the outside. I just don’t get it.


Geller should tamper rhetoric

Political activist Pamela Geller certainly pushes the envelope when she puts on these contests to draw the prophet Mohammad. Even though she has a right to write or say anything she wants to about Islam, it still brings up the hornet’s nest analogy. If you take a stick and poke and jab at a hornet’s nest, sooner or later you will face a storm of angry hornets. I don’t understand that you cannot create an image of Muhammad under any circumstances. I would think that creating a positive image of a god would only enhance a religion. I also don’t understand why some Muslims cling to a literal interpretation of Sharia Law. Sharia Law is barbaric by Western standards of decency. Geller should probably tone down her rhetoric instead of trying to inflame followers of a religion she doesn’t agree with.


Obamacare assumes idiocy

In the midst of rampant speculation about the outcome of the Supreme Court’s upcoming decision on Obamacare exchanges, let’s look at a few facts. Everyone has to buy health insurance or be penalized by the government. Employers have to provide health care coverage or pay a penalty to the government. You have to buy government mandated coverage whether you need it or not, such as a single male having to buy maternity coverage. If you have a “maximum benefit” plan you pay the government a 40 percent tax penalty. The cost of health insurance was promised to drop by $2,500 a year for a family, but government intervention has raised prices instead. The original rationale for Obamacare was to insure 30 million uninsured. New projections estimate at least that many uninsured under this system. The biggest, most onerous failure of Obamacare is that it treats us all like idiots.