Readers Write: July 13

Clinton too careless to be president

The FBI said Hillary Clinton or members of her staff were “extremely careless” in the handling of classified information; there were 110 emails which contained classified information, some which were “top secret!”

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton and her staff handled the office of Secretary of State in a manner which endangered America. The question for the American voter is: Should America risk having Hillary Clinton and staff handle the office of the presidency in the same manner they handled the office of Secretary of State, “extremely careless!”

If the answer to that question is “No,” the American voter should deny Hillary Clinton and staff the opportunity to handle the office of the presidency in the manner they handled the office of the Secretary of State.


Traffic stops a gamble for some

What is a person to do? If you are stopped by a cop, and follow the cop’s direction, you can still be shot to death. Does this hold true for whites as well as for black drivers? If you legitimately have a concealed carry permit, do you tell the police or merely only reach for your license when he tells you to do so? If you’re honest, you can get yourself in hot water, and end up dead! Why is it open season on the public, especially the black public — male or female? What is the average black person to do in order to remain breathing? Does one not stop when the police pull you over, and you can then take your chances of out running the cops? Unfortunately, that seems to be the only thing left for the average black person if he or she wants to stay alive.