Readers Write: Jan. 17

Trump’s antics will come back to bite him

“Never make unnecessary enemies” is a sacrosanct rule of politics our prez-elect keeps ignoring. “The Donald” rides higher in deep red Georgia, according to recent AJC polling on Jan. 6. But, he’s likely to find out what the god-like Georgian Gene Talmadge discovered in 1942. Ol’ Gene angered the wrong crowd, meddling in the University of Georgia’s internal affairs. The voters soon tossed “The Wild Man from Sugar Creek” out of office. Trump might be able “to shoot somebody in the middle of 5th Avenue” — or even Peachtree Street — without losing voters, as his characteristic bluster suggests. But when a politico reaches critical mass of unnecessary enemies, doom looms. America’s own spies look like a mighty dangerous crowd of hombres to add to the ever-growing list.


Obama to blame for bad foreign relations

Upon reading Pat Buchanan’s “Can Trump and Putin avoid Second World War,” Opinion, Jan. 6, I again reflected on the following: Obama’s expulsion of 35 Russian diplomats, the probe into DNC Russian hacking and the (seldom-discussed) ugly, exposed truths about the Democrats. Perhaps we should examine Obama’s true motivation for these urgent actions, given he’s had nearly eight years to question Russian’s cyber-interference?

While Obama has worked hard to cultivate outrage about this (even before the intelligence report was in), where is the outrage about his interference in Israel/Netanyahu’s re-election? Not only did he support this interference, he used $350,000 taxpayer money to promote it. How’s that for the “pot and kettle” phenomena? Further, his legacy of negative, foreign relations could encourage a cold (or actual) war, especially with Russia. This may serve him for delegitimizing Trump/the Republican victories, but since when should our national security hinge on a president’s lack of accountability and ego?


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