Valuing life less than they think

If people who oppose Planned Parenthood actually valued human life as much as they claim (“Group’s mission contradicts name”, Readers Write, Jan. 21) one would think they’d offer an attractive alternative to women with unwanted pregnancies. This would include providing top-notch prenatal care for the mother, and a guarantee of loving parents for the newborn.

But no, that would require compassion and action. It’s far easier just to cast the women as immoral for being unwillingly pregnant, and to demonize an organization only trying to avoid the greater tragedy of children born unwanted. If they’re evil, you see, there’s no need to help (fund) them.


Columnist out to lunch on immigration

Columnist Mary Sanchez, who leans so far left that the knuckles on her left hand surely drag the ground, claimed “Special Cuba deal unfair to other Latino migrants” (AJC, Opinion, Jan. 19). She wails that the special advantage given to Cuban migrants is unfair to other Latino migrants and should be ended. I at first thought “great, finally a liberal who wants to reduce the tidal wave of migrants legal/illegal from south of our border who have flooded into our country for over 50 years.”

I realized I was wrong when she indicated that no immigrants should be kept out of our country and that our politicians “must not bow to nativist screeds.” I am an Army retiree who loves the United States. I also believe we should admit limited numbers of immigrants from across the world to include true political and economic refugees, but we as an independent sovereign country have the final right to determine who and how many people we should allow to live within our borders. If that makes me a “nativist screed,” then I will wear that badge with honor. It is out-to-lunch leftist writers and politicians like Sanchez that will destroy our country and the very reasons immigrants want to come here.