Readers Write: Jan. 23

Promise helped Trump win Hispanic vote

The recent AJC series on “The making of a trump voter” was informative and welcomed reading. Congrats to the writers. We hope they aren’t in too much trouble when senior editors return from vacation.

In the fascinating piece featuring Venezuelan-born American and Trump voter Nancy Gallegos, we see that the AJC agrees with widely accepted estimates that with his oath to build a border wall and enforce immigration law, President Trump garnered 29 percent of the Hispanic vote.

It is a good time to remind all concerned that in 1988, two years after the “one time”1986 Reagan amnesty, Republican George H.W. Bush was rewarded with just 30 percent of the Hispanic vote. When John McCain, R, ran for president, he promised another amnesty and received 31 percent. In 1996, two years after finishing the extremely efficient border fence at San Diego/Tijuana, Democrat Bill Clinton was re-elected with 72 percent of the Hispanic vote.

The sound we don’t hear is Chamber of Commerce Republicans admitting that their unwillingness to honor our rule of law with actual equal application has little to do with reality or winning over liberal Latinos.

And, hooray for Nancy Gallegos, a great American!


ACA repeal is only about revenge

The Republicans are repealing the ACA simply to get back at President Obama, whom they despise, and to carry through on the dictates of their power broker masters. One of the first aspects of the repeal was to get rid of the pre-existing condition clause. Now you can readily see what the repeal game is really all about. Of course, our two toady Republican senators decided to vote for the repeal. Now, aren’t you delighted that you voted for each of them?