Readers write, Jan. 4


Transit worked best

when privately run

As a resident of the Atlanta area since 1949, I read with interest the column, “A Christmas wish for transit” (Opinion, Dec. 25).

The writer points out that when Georgia Power privately owned Atlanta’s transit system, it was safe, reliable and successfully met the transportation needs of the city. When this system was replaced by a system offered by the city, service dropped considerably, proving once again that most things are done best by private enterprise — not government, and not MARTA.

Private enterprise would not build the Auburn Avenue streetcar line because it will not turn a profit due to a lack of riders, and for this reason, will become a financial drain on the city.



NRA misses point

about guns in school

Wayne LaPierre and the NRA missed the mark at the recent press conference regarding gun control and school security.

Basically, it seems that we should let anyone — including the bad guys — get the guns, because officers in the schools will find them and shoot them. God forbid that a student is gunned down by the officer in the process.

This is so reactive: Sell the arms first, and we will deal with things after the transaction clears. It seems the NRA is more worried about profit than security.

I am not a hunter, nor a law enforcement officer, so I do not need a gun. There are a lot of other ways to keep my home safe. Regarding schools, I want my children to trust, not fear, the law enforcement officers at school. There is no reason to get arms in schools if we make sure, as we should, that arms to do not make it inside them.


Stricter laws wouldn’t

have stopped tragedy

There is an evil in our country that is even more insidious than that which was perpetrated by Adam Lanza.

While most of us are in shock at the horror of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings, there are others who are pleased with the opportunities this tragedy has presented to them. As one politician once said, you never want a serious crisis to go to waste.

But, people will cry out for action, saying that something must be done.

Sarah Brady was one such individual. But would the Brady Bill have prevented the actions of John Hinckley Jr.? No.

In a state that already had very restrictive gun control laws, would more stringent background checks have prevented Adam Lanza’s actions?

No. The guns were registered to his mother.