Readers write, Jan. 28


Sheriffs must uphold

all our nation’s laws

I’ve noticed several articles in the AJC naming various sheriff’s around the country pandering to constituencies by refusing to enforce one law or another associated with President Obama. Arizona’s Joe Arpaio comes to mind, and now I see Cherokee County’s Roger Garrison has joined the choir.

There are thousands of counties in our country and, presumably, thousands of sheriffs. If each were allowed to pick and choose which laws they would or would not enforce, anarchy would reign.

In the United States, the courts decide the constitutionality of laws — not sheriffs. If Mr. Garrison does not see it as his duty to enforce our nation’s laws, even those he personally disagrees with, let him turn in his badge.



Right to bear arms

carries responsibility

There have been a number of letters of late from those who feel their gun ownership rights are being threatened. Unfortunately, the tone of many of them reminds me of the saying, “They can have my guns when they pry them from my cold, dead hands.”

With rights comes responsibility. New Year’s Eve, birthdays and other celebratory occasions have brought death to many from celebratory gunfire. Alcohol and drugs, paranoia, domestic disputes and carelessness have figured in too many innocent deaths. Children finding loaded handguns; spouses and children who are shot as invaders, and disputes among neighbors have also taken their toll.

Gun owners need to stop screaming about their rights, and start enforcing their responsibilities.


Hollywood should stop

glorifying gun violence

There has been an active movement over the past several years to limit the amount of gratuitous cigarette smoking in the movies and on TV.

It is remarkable that gun violence is not regarded in the same way. If seeing our hero light up a cigarette can motivate people to smoke, why do we not believe seeing the same guy shoot people would similarly motivate?

Guns will never be banned — but we can influence the way people view them. The first step would be to discourage Hollywood from promoting guns and killing as being cool.



Didn’t we have this

discussion before?

Once again, we see the rise of the idea regarding the withdrawal of states from the Union because some people are dissatisfied with the results of our last election, or they don’t want to cooperate with the rest of the country. It reminds you of the boy who takes his ball to go home because he didn’t get his way.

When will we grow up and work together for the good of all, rather than just a few? If a state doesn’t like what the rest of the country wants, does that mean their only recourse is to withdraw from the Union? Why has the word “compromise” become such an anathema to so many people? The word “compromise” seems to be a forbidden word.

We must “grow up” if we are a nation that intends to continue to be a world leader and a world power. Why must the majority of the country suffer because of the antics of a few?

Let’s have democracy truly be the name of the game — and not just a saying.


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