Readers Write: Jan. 24

Lack of common sense leads to thefts

I am amazed at all of the news lately regarding car thefts at gas stations and sliding (perpetrators approaching cars on the opposite side of the driver pumping gas and below window level in order to snatch valuables). These crimes can absolutely and very easily be prevented. With car thefts, the driver has foolishly either left their car running or left the ignition key in the car. Leaving valuables visible in the car defies common sense as well. It only takes a second to shut off the car and take the key with you while pumping gas. If valuables are visible within the car, then take an extra second to lock the car. It’s only common sense.


SR 24 will change archaic Senate rule

In the Georgia State Senate, the archaic default method for approving amendments to legislation that has already cleared public scrutiny in the committee process is an unrecorded, hand vote. On these floor amendments, there is no record of any member’s vote on the vote tally machine or in the permanent Senate Journal.

Current rules require a total of five senators to request a traditional, recorded vote on floor amendments. Most such votes go unrecorded.

In an effort to add to the transparency of state government and to eliminate the possibility of confusion on any senator’s vote in the senate chamber, I have filed Senate Resolution 24, which would change the existing senate rule so that any one senator could ask for a recorded vote on floor amendments.

It is my experienced opinion that changing this outdated senate rule will protect the reputation of all Senate members and aid in the public’s ability to understand the legislative process. Passage of my proposed rule change will require a two-thirds majority if SR 24 is allowed to go to the full senate. Under current rules, the vote on changing the rule could be done with an unrecorded vote.