Oregon protesters like crybaby Opie

I was watching an old Andy Griffith show the other day and it suddenly occurred to me that the Oregon welfare ranchers are acting just like Opie did in the episode where the new kid shows him how to get his way. Remember the scene in the courthouse where Opie throws a fit to try to get Andy to give him his allowance without having to do chores? He tries holding his breath and crying, to which Andy pays very little attention. The Oregon ranchers want to use federal land to ranch on without cost to them. They both want something for nothing. Opie’s final act was to lie on the floor and kick his legs in a fit of childish behavior. The Oregon welfare ranchers have begun to destroy federal property (yours and mine) in an attempt to get our attention by a fit of childish behavior. Up to this point the analogy is perfect, however, the Oregon welfare ranchers are armed — heavily armed. Opie wasn’t armed and if he had been, I sincerely doubt he would have shot his father. I can’t say the same about the welfare ranchers.


Women’s safety before multiculturalism

In reply to (“Focus turns to Migrants after New Years Eve attack in Cologne,”, Jan. 11). We have read the news of thousands of women raped in Germany and England. Germany’s and England’s politicians chose to protect multiculturalism over the safety of women. Protecting women from sexual violence should be a priority in our country. It appears that Germany and England have chosen political correctness over sexual violence against women.

Women must demand to know if those they are voting for would choose to protect multiculturalism over sexual violence against women. Please find out before you vote.