Readers write: Jan. 16

What projects will we be taxed for?

Regarding “Leaders unite on transit” (News, Jan. 14), here we go again. How can they decide how much money they need until they have specified the projects? What are the “strategic transportation investments”? We voted down the T-SPLOST project list by over 2-to-1. Are those projects still in the plan? What impact will the planned projects actually have on congestion?

The implication is that they are mostly real estate development projects, not congestion relief projects. The most congested corridors in the north metro area are the east-west corridors (Ga. 92, Old Milton Parkway, Jimmy Carter Boulevard). Are there any plans to relieve congestion in these corridors? How many of the drivers on Ga. 400, I-75 and I-85 are not going downtown, but are using these roadways because there are no viable east-west corridors? This is not really about the funding, but about funneling the funding to favored places. We need answers to these questions.


Delta attendants don’t need union

What unions don’t understand about Delta flight attendants, is our extreme pride in being non-union. We’re a group of professionals who feel comfortable talking directly to management about our work environment. We elect a panel of fellow flight attendants who address work issues and work out solutions with the company. We pay no dues, deal with no false promises and get results. We believe in compromise, and we’re smart enough to realize we can’t have everything. Delta rewards its employees with bonuses, pay increases and job flexibility, the best benefits in the industry. We’re a savvy group of workers and grow weary of outside groups asking for union dues to give us what we continue to accomplish on our own.


Newspaper keeps politicians in check

I just wanted to thank AJC editor Susan Potter and her colleagues for the high level of quality journalism covering the workings under the Gold Dome. As a long-term subscriber and resident of Georgia, I enjoy reading the in-depth coverage of state politics. Sadly, since our state is under one-party rule, the normal checks and balances of power are no longer effective. With a governor under an ethics cloud and some of the weakest ethics laws in the nation, only the AJC keeps our politicians remotely honest.