Dems’ showboating for votes isn’t morality

All together now: The question of a border is one of “morality.” Nancy Pelosi said it, so it must be true. Even if she once fully supported a border, if you’re a Democrat, you must accept her Trump-era thoughts on the subject. Also, repeat the words “manufactured crisis.” Since this approach does not require looking for evidence, it’s a no-brainer. Nancy and Chuck Schumer are very concerned about the welfare of those entering our southern border. So, when those coming into the U.S. are sex trafficked, raped, victimized by drug cartels and gangs, etc., morality flourishes? Sorry, Nancy and Chuck, but that does not compute, not even for our own Kate Steinle, Officer Singh, and countless other victims of criminals here, or arriving steadily. Talk with the many “Angel Families.” Look at terrifying statistics before you reject the word “crisis.” Then, realize potential votes does not equal morality.


MLK’s equality dream remains far from reality

Apparently, Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream of Black equality was white America’s nightmare. A 2017 Washington Post blog stated, “White people are really confident that things are getting better for Black people,” adding, “For every $100 of wealth accumulated by a White family, a Black family has little more than $5 – a gap just as wide as it was 50 years ago according to federal statistics cited by Yale researchers.”

Moreover, Jennifer Richeson, of Yale, stated, “We need to stop deceiving ourselves. Wealth inequality based on race is baked into this country’s founding, and we cannot handle it.”

In his last book, Rev. King wrote, “The majority of White Americans consider themselves sincerely committed to justice for the Negro. They believe that American society is essentially hospitable to fair play … .”

Therefore, Dr. King had a dream, White America had a scheme.