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Readers Write: Feb. 17

Sanders is best candidate for workers

Why should African-Americans support Sen. Bernie Sanders for president? Sanders’ appeal is that he didn’t just slap together a list of priorities for this campaign. He’s always been fighting for social and economic justice. As a young man, he fought for desegregated housing for college students in Chicago. The pressing issue now for college students is its crushing financial burden. His response is to do what every other advanced country has done, invest in the future of our kids with tuition-free public education.

In the 1990’s, he warned that “free trade” deals like NAFTA would be great for corporate profits, but horrible for American workers and he was right. And to this day, he still protests. Now, he wants large corporations to pay their fair share in taxes. He wants to invest in American infrastructure, creating enormous job opportunities.


Bush is most qualified for White House

Mona Charen should fall off the “Balanced Views” page into the Democratic divide where she belongs.

Her constant disregard for the most competent and suitable candidate Republicans have is not out of love for that political party … no indeed. She was infected with the Hate Bush Virus and it has left her with a pointy head and forked tongue, somewhat similar to Democratic Dengue Fever. She suggests Jeb is the best of all, but then she invites him out the door. That would leave behind some dubious doorstops trying to act presidential.

Jeb Bush is the finest and best qualified person we have to be president. Give voters someone to vote for who is not a liberal or a loud billionaire, but a thinker and listener of the highest order. Oh how we need one.