Liberals don’t have only opinions worth hearing

Letters like “More than one side of speech worth protecting” (Readers write, Feb. 11) absolutely leave me in fear for the future of our nation. The letter writer stated that Senate Bill 339 protecting speakers on campuses was ill-founded, since First Amendment protections apply only to government. He says no one he judges as “controversial,” or has an opinion different from a group that decides to protest the speaker, deserves protection and the right to be heard over screaming mobs. I guess people like him will decide who deserves to be heard. I have no problems with peaceful protests, but shouldn’t universities be places where ideas are exchanged? I would suggest that the letter writer research the rise of Adolf Hitler, and he will find that Adolf started his rise to power by shouting down differing opinions.


Global warming a risk for Winter Games

Many people enjoy watching the Winter Olympics. Sadly, however, because of our warming planet, the current Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea, may be one of the last where sites are cold enough to hold the games. The Economist magazine reports without a fall of carbon emissions, of the 21 winter Olympic venues used since 1924, only eight would be certain to be cold enough for games the rest of this century. Even in 2010 in Vancouver, helicopters had to bring snow to some Olympic sites. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development projects only 40 percent of alpine ski resorts in 2007 would get enough snow to be viable if the Paris Agreement target of 2.0 degrees C warming is exceeded. A carbon fee and dividend pricing system in the U.S. would go some way to averting another cost of climate change and save future Winter Olympics.