Readers write, Feb. 1


Quality food trumps

political controversy

The front page of a recent AJC carried an article titled, “Chick-fil-A sales up despite boycott” (News, Jan. 29).

I don’t agree with the owner’s political stance and his company’s involving employees with his religious views. Still, I gladly continue to patronize Chick-fil-A because of the consistently high quality of the food, employees and service. Many’s the time I’ve spotted a Chick-fil-A sign while traveling and thought, “Yes!” only find the store unmanned because it’s Sunday.

I, for one, would be sorely tempted to vote in favor of a law requiring Chick-fil-A to open on Sundays!



Chambliss’ positions

aided privileged class

Sen. Chambliss’s complaint of gridlock in Washington could not be more disingenuous. Chambliss repeatedly took rigid positions that favored the rich and powerful versus the average American, ranging from tax cuts for the rich and financial deregulation to war mongering, increased surveillance of Americans, etc.

One can only hope that Georgians will have the opportunity to send someone to the Senate who actually understands that government must play a positive role that benefits all — not just those who spend thousands in campaigns and lobbying to ensure that their interests are well-served.



With 1 exception, AJC

columnists ‘quite good’

Regarding “Negative rants grate; find a new columnist” (Readers write, Opinion, Jan.29) I too applaud the AJC’s policy of presenting balanced views in its opinion columns, and also for its unfailingly balanced reporting.

I completely disagree with this letter writer’s unfair criticism of Mona Charen. I find Ms. Charen’s columns to be thoughtful, interesting and extremely well-written. While I certainly don’t agree with all of the AJC’s columnists, I think most of them are quite good. The one glaring exception is Paul Krugman. I wish that the AJC would discontinue his column.



Democrats’ policies

have a familiar ring

Regarding “For Dems, government trumps self-reliance” (Readers write, Opinion, Jan. 23), what an indictment of Democrats, “a party that believes in forgiveness, redemption and ‘taking care of the people’ … that hands out food stamps, cell phones and welfare checks.”

I think that the letter writer has confused Democrats with Christians! As a member of both groups, I’m flattered by his comments (and assure him that he’s more than welcome to join us).


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