Readers Write: Feb. 26

Sabal Trail will just line corporate pockets

President Trump has filled the swamp with black crude, poisonous gas and destructive coal ash.

The day after trumpeting that his administration would loosen the process for approving and regulating future dirty energy projects, a pipeline rupture spilled 138,600 gallons of diesel fuel in northern Iowa. But this spill shouldn’t come as a shock, when more than 7 million gallons of oil were spilled across more than 1,000 pipeline leaks between 2010 and 2015, with 200 more significant spills in 2016.

The battle to end fracking and stop natural gas pipeline construction has landed right in Georgia’s back door. If completed, the Sabal Trail will include about 515 miles of interstate natural gas pipeline, with 162 miles in several Georgia counties: Stewart, Webster, Lee, Dougherty, Mitchell, Colquitt, Lowndes and Brooks counties.

This is egregious waste of government resources and tax dollars at its finest. Libertarians must unite with Greens and other activists to stop our government from using eminent domain against common citizens to line the pockets of killer corporations and private international benefactors.

Presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein showed a balance is possible between protecting the planet and building a great economy to be proud of with The Green New Deal. Local-sourced, co-op-owned, clean, renewable energy is not only the safest for the environment and our citizens, but economically the only viable solution.


Media pushes narrative that is ‘fake news’

President Trump is putting forth the agenda he campaigned on. The liberal news media is perpetuating their own facts concerning his agenda and his progress. Trump supporters may in general not be intellectuals, not have high-tech jobs, or see all the latest plays in New York City, but they do have a keen sense — a gut instinct when it comes to the truth and when it is being distorted by self-righteous news bullies who assume Trump supporters are stupid and “they” — the liberal news media — know best. As the liberal news media preens over their self-righteous declarations, they provide fake fodder for the Democrats. These declarations often come about when the liberal news media speculates on what might happen down the road of the Trump presidency, thus pushing a narrative that is “fake news.”


Let’s put redistricting in hands of citizens

The General Assembly is now considering legislation to create a Citizens’ Redistricting Commission (House Resolutions 2 and 3, Senate Resolutions 6 and 7). Currently the General Assembly controls the design of electoral districts. Whichever party is in the majority can and does redraw district lines to create districts safe for their party. As a result, Georgia has a system that is designed to meet the needs of political parties rather than of the state’s citizens. These “safe” districts mean that all too often members of the Georgia House and Senate are elected without opposition in competition-free elections. Citizens who want to put control of redistricting in the hands of citizens rather than politicians should let their state representatives and senators know they support this important change and want to see the legislation come to a vote this term.


Liberals should remember they lost

A recent letter-writer opined that elected officials should listen to the wishes of the people that voice their displeasure in townhall meetings. May I remind her that we recently had an election and that Rep. Hice, Sen. Isakson, and President Trump all won either in their district or statewide. Therefore, these men are listening to the people. I believe it was Barack Obama who reminded us in 2008 that he won the election and he gets to make the rules. The election is over and your side lost. If you didn’t like the results of the election and don’t like the policies of the winners, there will be other elections. That’s how it works in this country. Hillary Clinton stated that it would be “horrifying” to know that someone wouldn’t accept the results of an election. There are a lot of people in this country who should heed those words.


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