Readers Write: Feb. 11

Media has too much election power

Forget about the candidates — I just realized how much power the media has had on this entire process thus far. It is the media that really has the biggest impact on our candidates via exposure time. The media decided which candidates got the most exposure, and even steered campaigns in certain directions based on how much exposure was given and how candidates were perceived. I am thoroughly disgusted by how our electoral system has been hijacked by media.

It is in their own best interest to “make it entertaining” to get the high ratings they need to succeed financially. I believe the media has had the greatest impact on which candidates we have gotten to see and hear. We, the voters, need to change this paradigm. We must hold the media machine accountable. If they continue to be self-serving by giving the most coverage to those candidates who are the most entertaining in their ridiculous antics, our only recourse is to hit the “off” button and try our best to find out what each candidate truly stands for and can provide solutions to the issues we care about. Let’s hold all these networks up to scrutiny.


Do away with personal attacks

I am an old, established conservative and most of the time identify with the Republican Party, although there were times I would have voted Democrat (Sam Nunn). I am saddened at the race this year with constant personal attacks that tell me nothing about what that person can do for America as president. We have many serious issues that deserve that air time. Please, somebody stand out as a real leader and stop insulting my intelligence with attack ads.