Biggest threats to Americans are not our pols

Our four biggest threats are not Trump, McConnell, Pelosi, or Biden. The real big four threats to life as we know it are: 1) The effects of climate change (we are indeed the frog in the rapidly boiling pot); 2) AI (and its cousin robotics) and the resulting elimination of millions of middle-class jobs; 3) disintegration of truth, privacy, interpersonal relationships and family units; and 4) the growing gap between the wealthy and not wealthy. All four threats are conspiring to cause growing economic, political and social upheaval, nationalism, tribalism, fighting, poverty and population displacement. Sadly our political "leaders" focus mostly on present symptoms and on each other and not on ways and means of affecting the directions of these four calamitous trends. We as Americans can and must do better. I have faith that indeed we will come together and do better.  — KIRK WILSON, JOHNS CREEK

Columnist’s railings about Trump are laughable

Gail Collins often writes humorous columns. Not ha-ha humorous, but funny just the same. Her “If Senate acquits, stain endures” (Opinion, Dec. 22) is representative, as she fails to see the irony in her constant wailing and whining about President Trump’s wailing and whining — as though hers is any more welcome or appealing. After three years of the Democrats’ subterfuge and possibly illegal activities in their attempts to purge Trump from the presidency, they have indeed managed to vote his impeachment in the House. But the laugh line Collins failed to include is that the Democrats’ tactics in all this may have not only left a “stain” on Trump’s presidency but also assured his re-election. And why does her column title and virtually all the leftist talking heads on cable TV mindlessly say “stain”? Wasn’t that what led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment? Now that’s funny!


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