Protect Georgia’s coast

Thank you, Dan Chapman, for your insightful article concerning the rising waters threatening the Georgia coastal areas. (“Waves threaten a Georgia lighthouse,” News, Dec. 19). With the success of the Paris climate summit, maybe our legislators will take serious positive action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. It has been pointed out 48 percent of conservatives would support candidates who accomplish positive action on climate change. There are ways to put a slowly escalating price on carbon that will lower the emissions over 20 to 30 years. If the money is returned to the citizens, it will promote new jobs and increase our economy. Positive political action can make a huge difference in keeping our climate safe for future generations. Georgia’s coast needs protection. To do nothing will result in the loss of our beautiful barrier islands and that would be a travesty.


Obama’s vacation too much

I don’t understand why you write stories about the Obama’s vacations. You compare them to the vacation time of other presidents, but you never compare the money they have spent on their vacations, which is what everybody cares about. The Obamas have used the office of president as a vacation spending account. They have a long history of vacationing on other peoples money. The news media well knows that $70 million for vacations is unacceptable. Just be honest about it for once. Apples to oranges reporting is a waste of space and is an insult to your readers.


Time to get a grip

In Sunday’s AJC, there was an opinion piece by Jay Bookman, who compared the last half-hour of the movie “The Titanic” to the feeling he got watching the last Republican debate. (“It’s time to get a grip, America,” News, Dec. 20). He spoke of being able to practically smell the stench of fear and among this crowd at least, the terrorists have already won a smashing victory. There seems to be mass hysteria associated with any shooting perpetrated by folks of Middle Eastern descent. In Chattanooga, we had a shooting at a recruiting center and almost immediately we had civilians with assault rifles guarding the greatest fighting force on the planet. We hear that armed pilots will make the skies safer, armed teachers will make schools safer, and no one can protect his family better than a dad with a gun. Jay, I can smell that stench of fear too.


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