Tired of wrongs perpetrated by liberals, media

If Robert Mueller had anything definitive with which to charge Donald Trump with interfering with Hillary Clinton’s loss, it would have been presented by now. American taxpayers have spent needlessly $30 million and wasted 18 months that could have gone toward investigating the Clinton Foundation. That’s where the crimes were, and are, being committed. Trump calls it a witch hunt, and the witch is Hillary Clinton. Or the money could have been used to help students with their college loans – anything other than just pouring the money down a drain. We’re tired of the media’s incessant focus on Democratic Party efforts to find something wrong with our president’s efforts to bring us back from a socialist and welfare state; we’re tired of the media’s focus on the invasion of our southern border; and we’re tired of hearing about our police officers being held accountable for wrongs perpetrated by criminals.


Upping military spending won’t make us safer

Many are now calling for more military spending. Note that the U.S. spends so much more that all our potential enemies combined. Apparently, the military is misspending if these other threat countries are such a threat. We all know that just spending on expensive weapons doesn’t make us safe. Pirates in little outboard motorboats capture big freighters. Crazy people hijack airplanes and fly them into buildings. Chemical and biological weapons are cheap to make and deliver, and so forth. Just increasing military budgets and posturing that China is a potential enemy only supports the military-industrial complex – and the senators in their districts. It does not make us safer.