Rejection of God could be behind unusual weather

Re: “Future Disasters: Floods, hurricanes and fires: Georgia faces dire climate warnings” (News, Dec. 3), could there be another factor, other than the environment, causing America’s recent weather disasters? Could it be that America has forgotten and rejected its longstanding silent partner, God? Yes, that same “Supreme Judge of the World” America’s Founding Fathers turned to when creating a new land of freedom, a Covenant nation. Your story reflects back to the 1960s, when America began rejecting God in earnest. First it removed God from the classroom by removing both His word and prayer from American schools and culture. Then, President Johnson destroyed the family by removing the father from the family, and all these removals of God has led America into the wasteland of immorality, the same immorality that destroyed Israel and will destroy America unless it returns to He who created America, to restore freedom to a world then ruled by tyrants.


Voter suppression comes in many forms

My husband and I both voted absentee ballots in the general election. I received my absentee ballot for Dec. 4 on Friday, Nov. 30. I called the elections office in Pickens County to see why my husband did not receive one. I was told that, because he did not check off the elderly section, they could not send him one (even though his birth date was on it). To further complicate things, he is temporarily in a nursing home for physical therapy after spending Thanksgiving week in the hospital. Because the nursing home is not a “hospital,” they would not let me pick up a ballot and take it to him. He was previously on the election board, and they know him well. There are many kinds of voter suppression going on, but this is not one I had heard of.