Far-Left bias taints columnist’s opinion on Russian meddling

Imagine an entire editorial about Russian meddling in U.S. politics without once mentioning Hillary Clinton, millions of dollars from Russians “donated” to the Clinton Foundation, and 20 percent of the then-U.S. uranium production licenses being transferred to Russian ownership during Hillary’s secretary of state tenure in the Obama administration. Oh wait! That’s what Robert Reich just did with his “Trump sees foreign danger coming from wrong places” (Opinion, Aug. 9). Talk about an ironic headline. If anyone colluded with the Russians — and other adversarial nations — and sold out American interests for personal gain and power, Reich need look no further than his good friends the Clintons. Quick, somebody buy that man a periscope so he can see over his piled-up, ideological biases.


White House’s immigrant ruling retrogressive, ignores evidence

The recent White House announcement that a legal immigrant, if a recipient of public assistance, may be blocked from citizenship comes despite overwhelming evidence that, in general, immigrants tend to be net beneficiaries to society. Clearly, such racial politics reflect the fear of diminishing “whiteness” of America. Strictly speaking, races are not defined by skin color, but by physical features. In 1923, in litigation involving an Asian Indian, the Supreme Court agreed the litigant was Caucasian, but not white, thus he was denied citizenship (U.S. vs. Bhagat Singh Thind). While South Asians and Middle Easterners are Caucasians, it was suggested there is a difference between a “blond Scandinavian and a brown Hindu.” The “brown Hindu” would not qualify. The “whiteness” criterion was dropped in 1952, further exited by the comprehensive 1965 Immigration-Naturalization Act, with merit being the key criterion. Such Trumpism is obviously retrogressive xenophobia.


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