Readers Write: Aug. 17

This election will forever shape U.S.

What’s with these Republicans? George Will has questions about Donald Trump and the Constitution. (“No, Trump isn’t likely to be a champion of Constitution,” Opinion, Aug. 7) Will knows or should know of Hillary Clinton’s multiple scandals and violations of law and her inability to tell the truth throughout her public career. While he thinks Trump may not uphold the Constitution in every respect, Hillary Clinton promises to do her best through Supreme Court appointments to do serious damage to our founding document and thus to the republic.

This is a binary election. Either support Trump — with his faults, but a man who loves America — or Clinton, who with her actions demonstrated her disregard for the law and the Constitution. It is difficult to imagine how anyone except the most die-hard partisan could vote for this woman.


Trump never expected to be nominee

Donald Trump’s political actions are easily explained. He never intended to be a candidate for president. He is the most surprised person to be the Republican candidate. He thinks his supporters are stupid because he said they would still support him if he shot someone. He just intended to spend a little money and get maximum national attention on himself by the most controversial statements. He got the attention he craves but also the nomination that he never wanted. Now he must continue his controversial actions because he never wanted to be president. He is preparing his excuse for losing by saying the election is rigged. He has gotten the attention he craves at the expense the GOP and the integrity of U.S. politics in general.