Readers write: Aug. 17

Obama, set example on global warming

Our current administration in Washington, D.C. is bent on making changes that will reduce emissions currently contributing to “global warming.” I would like to suggest that conservation and reducing the spread of those global warming pollutants start with President Barack Obama himself.

On the president’s recent trip to San Francisco to fund raise, Air Force One burned an average of 3,030 gallons of jet fuel per hour, or 24,240 gallons for the eight-hour round trip, and 448,050 pounds of CO2 were left in the atmosphere. This does not include the support aircraft that make these trips with the president, which also added to the tons of greenhouse gas pouring into the atmosphere.

President Obama, I strongly suggest you tighten your travel belt. Let us average Americans see you are doing your part to help reduce global warming.


Iran’s nuke choice could be nefarious

There has been a lot in the news lately about alternative energy sources, especially solar. Even President Obama is mandating alternative energy for carbon reduction in lieu of coal-fired power plants. Which, by the way, will drastically drive up consumer energy cost.

If alternative energy such as solar and wind is such a winner, can someone please explain why America didn’t take this approach to encourage Iran to use some alternative energy sources other than nuclear? I would think the Iranian climate would be ideal for solar. Or could it perhaps be Iran wants nuclear for energy purposes so it can be used to cloak its desires to use nuclear as a weapon of aggression?


Face truth about South, slavery

Confederate flag apologists want to have their cake and eat it too: to sanctify flattering historical episodes while burying unflattering ones. But we can neither honor nor move beyond history until we face it honestly. Here are the facts: The South seceded for one reason: It couldn’t accept Lincoln’s refusal to let the South export slaves to the territories. The slave-holding aristocracy had decided that only through unchecked expansion could slavery be made eternal. The Mississippi secession declaration doesn’t mince words: “Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery – the greatest material interest of the world.”

The Confederate flag and Stone Mountain are not hallowed, unbroken traditions. Both have been mothballed for long stretches, only to be revived when African-Americans threatened to get ahead. The South has never forgiven the federal government for insisting – halfheartedly and belatedly – that it treat African-Americans as human beings.