Readers Write: Aug. 11

Liberal logic has doomed DSH

The Disproportionate Share Hospital program is part of Obama’s expanded welfare efforts. It pays hospitals federal funds to cover economic shortfalls due to patients not having adequate or no insurance. ‘Share’ is the key word. Responsible taxpayers are required to “share” their income with others who have chosen to depend on government welfare rather than becoming contributors to programs that benefit all of us. The DSH will come to an end soon due to liberal logic that wrongly assumed all states would jump aboard the welfare wagon: a wagon that has more and more people wanting and willing to ride rather than pull. I agree with Sunday’s editorial “If Washington won’t offer health care solutions, Georgia should,” that suggests we stop depending on Washington for health care and make it Georgia’s responsibility. But that responsibility should depend on every citizen to contribute in dollars or provide proof their sickness is not self-imposed or brought about by an unhealthy and promiscuous lifestyle.


RAISE Act is un-Christian, un-American

The RAISE Act, co-sponsored by our own U.S. Sen. David Perdue, is a misguided bill that is anything but good for Georgians, much less the U.S.A. Evidently he did not consult his cousin, the Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue, nor Georgia farmers who rely on the back-breaking work of “unskilled” immigrants and refugees. He obviously did not consult the Georgia business owners who also rely on “unskilled” workers to do repetitive, boring and hard work in the chicken and manufacturing plants. Businesses report that it is very difficult finding red-blooded Americans to do these types of jobs.

This bill is not only un-American but as a lifelong Presbyterian, I believe that it is un-Christian as well. If Senator Perdue professes to be “Christian,” then I suggest he re-read his Bible, specifically Matthew 25, which encourages us to welcome the stranger.


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