Readers write: Aug. 4

Only schemers gain in DeKalb cityhood

We can all be proud of the members of the Government Affairs Committees in our General Assembly for their forthright dealing with the cityhood issues which keep cropping up in DeKalb County – but look out, the “City Schemers” will be back when the 2015 General Assembly meets. The cityhood idea looks good to the elitists who do not mind how they fragment and weaken our county government as long as it provides isolation from DeKalb citizens whom they find less deserving.

Cityhood also provides supporters with opportunities for jobs as mayor, city manager, city commissioners, police chief, head of planning and zoning, tax commissioner, chief of parks and recreation, etc. The cityhood proposals would certainly increase the tax burden on our communities, while having a negative effect on DeKalb’s revenue/expense equation. Allowing the cityhood proposals to go forward would establish a precedent for other neighborhoods and school districts to follow suit, and invite a countywide spiral of self-serving attempts at this bad idea.

Fragmenting and weakening Georgia’s largest counties cannot be good for the health of state government. Thanks to our elected representatives, who have seen these self-serving and unwise schemes for what they are. We hope they will continue to oppose them despite the inevitable pressure the cityhood proponents will attempt to apply.


Why no charges in mortgage fraud?

Although it is somewhat gratifying to read that Bank of America is being fined $1.3 billion for its part in the sale of defective mortgages to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (“Bank to pay nearly $1.3 billion,” News, July 31), I still fail to comprehend why individual bank executives are not being charged as a result of their criminal activities, which allowed these mortgage transactions to happen.

I realize fines have been levied on some bank individuals involved in fraudulent mortgage activities, but believe me, a fine of $1 million is small change to bank executives at this level. Until individuals are held accountable for their reckless behavior in the mortgage fiasco by being charged, tried and convicted, we cannot expect any change in this polluted sector of the banking industry.


Conservative artist is stuck in a rut

When will the AJC stop printing daily anti-Obama rants from editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez? Being on the conservative right does not mean every single thought from your head is anti-Obama. Mike Luckovich is fair with his zingers, and he mixes it up. Ramirez is in a rut, and we’re tired of his constant whining. Hey Michael, how about using your tremendous artistic talent to talk about something else for awhile and give the president a rest? Didn’t the CIA just get caught hacking Congress’ emails? Dude, you should be all over that and the dozens of other topics out there.