Readers write: April 17

Guilty educators deserve prison

Regarding the column by Bill Torpy (“Color this episode in the justice system sad,” News, April 15), if I understand correctly, it is only whites that think black kids’ education matter? This was not some insignificant choice educators made. Figure the cost of the education that was stolen from these children. Add to that the bonuses the defendants fraudulently received. If they had stolen that money with a gun, what would people think? Perhaps the pen is mightier than a sword, but these educators showed that an eraser can be more damaging than a gun. These educators were predators. The judge is to be commended.


Disturbing racial side to sentences

Regarding “Stiff punishment” (News, April 15), as a citizen of this great country, I have been appalled by a justice system that I believe is split in two: one for White America, and one for Black America. It is especially reflected in our sentencing system. I am bewildered by the criminalization of the teacher cheating scandal in Atlanta. Where has our humanity gone? I do believe that had those women been white — a reflection of many of your wives, mothers and sisters — there would have been a totally different outcome, only suspensions and probation.

Our democracy can no longer tolerate biased judges like Jerry W. Baxter. That is a position that is supposed to hold the “balance” of life in its hands. It is not a position that sees only black and white. It is the likes of this that is stunting our democracy and the growth of this great nation.


Seek ideas to fix traffic congestion

I was pleased to see three columns pertaining to traffic congestion in Tuesday’s AJC (“A choice that may save money,” “State could lead in eliminating congestion” and “No-wait traffic solution,” Opinion, April 14). I avidly support anything that will relieve our traffic problem and the bad air quality it generates, while reducing our carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. I use MARTA frequently and support it wholeheartedly. However, ridesharing and carpooling can also help reduce congestion. MARTA currently has an excellent free app, but the idea of a universal app is indeed interesting, so that one can integrate various modes of transport in the metro area. We must fix our traffic problem, fix our air quality and reduce our use of fossil fuels. This is so easy and so important.


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