Readers Write: April 25

RNC wants to stop Trump nomination

Reince Priebus, chairman of the Republican National Committee, keeps telling all of us, including the presidential candidates, that we should know their rules and they won’t change them to suit us. Well, I didn’t know the rules. But now I do. That is, after watching the machinations of the various state party conferences, caucuses, primaries, delegations, whatever. Rule number one is: Do anything you can to stop the nomination of Donald Trump. Anything. Rule number two is: Never forget rule number one. There you have it folks, in a nutshell.


Congress at fault for middle-class suffering

On the front page of the AJC on April 17, Ted Cruz’s quote to New Yorkers is that people have suffered under “left-wing” policies year after year, implying those are the reasons for their status today. I just want to point out briefly that the policies that favor the business sector and the rich, and so obviously ignore the plight of the middle-class and poor in this country are the result of the people in Congress over the last eight years (and even longer). No law or policy is initiated unless it goes through Congress, so if you’re suffering or feel under-represented, that’s the source of your misery or dissatisfaction. If we continue voting because we hear words like “conservative” and “right-wing” that’s what we’ll continue putting in Congress, and this is the result we’ll get! Please get beyond these flashy “code words” as well as the “flamboyent” personalities, and vote for what benefits “all or most of us,” that’s how our country will remain strong and benefit the entire world.