Readers Write: April 6

Why does GOP scoff at climate change?

Most people in our nation have used a cell phone, driven a car, watched TV or perhaps flown in a plane. And they never question the validity of the science behind each of those activities. Science inundates our lives every day. So why is it when the same scientific and mathematical process that gave us all our technology advancements is applied to climate change, many Americans scoff at the conclusions. Almost every indicator shows that the legacy we will be leaving to future generations is one of rising sea levels which will create massive relocation. The U.S. is supposed to be the leader for innovation, but the Republican Party seems to be in constant denial about the causes and consequences of climate change. While they have a chance to do something, it would be nice if they listened to scientists instead of campaign donors on a subject so very important to our nation’s future.


Adoptable mutts are not a ‘disgrace’

Being very fond of adoptable mutts, I am very much in support of Senate Bill 168 to declare that the “adoptable dog” is the state dog of Georgia, and it seems to me that this was one of the more rational, humane, and positive pieces of legislation from this session. So I was baffled to read the comments from the two state senators who were quoted as saying that having a dog of unknown breed as our state dog would be a “disgrace” and that people would “use this against the state of Georgia.” If anyone wants to find something to use against Georgia, there are plenty of other issues to choose from among the numerous very interesting legislative discussions from the session.