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Grady needs to show some accountability

For over 10 years, Fulton County taxpayers have contributed millions annually to the Grady hospital system. Like many “safety net” hospitals in the nation, Grady struggles with increased demands, high health costs and inadequate state and federal support. However, Grady’s most serious problem is not funding — it is accountability and transparency.

Grady needs more financial support from metro Atlanta counties and the state of Georgia. Grady also needs a real commitment of accountability to the taxpayers of Fulton County.

Emma I. Darnell, Commissioner, Fulton County Board of Commissioners


Security concerns make air travel too onerous

I think the average traveler sees that security is getting more and more onerous, and it is deterring travel by the American public (“Travelers welcome additional security,” Business, Jan. 26). Considering that literally 99.99 percent of the public is no more a threat than a 3-year-old, it’s time for Homeland Security, the TSA and airports to give far more thought about how they can get travelers quickly and efficiently to their planes. I am getting pretty sick of practically having to undress, standing in endless lines, and finding the rules change at the whim of an agent.

I reject Dreher’s statement, “Travelers welcome the additional security measures.” He must be just talking about himself. We’d welcome some ease, speed and sensible rules.

Vera Guinan, Atlanta


Do licensed gun owners really need training?

Recent letter writers have called for licensed-to-carry applicants to be required by law to attend mandatory firearms classes before being issued their license. Do we really need to be required to attend training to know when to use deadly force to defend ourselves or our families? Before spending tax money to institute such a requirement that will burden our constitutional and universal right to protect ourselves, we should do some basic research to make sure we are not wasting resources repairing that which is not broken.

Perhaps the AJC would lend a hand by doing some investigative reporting on number of permits, and how many crimes have been reported to have been committed by license-to-carry permit holders in Georgia. The report should also include how many accidental gun injuries have taken place with these permit holders.

Walt Farmer, McDonough


Simplify visa system for immigrant workers

Let’s get back to the simple laws of supply and demand. There are employers who need workers to fulfill jobs such as landscaping, farming and construction. The employers cannot find U.S. citizens to fill these jobs.

How about a nine-month worker’s visa? He or she goes back for three months. After five years of coming back and forth, he or she is eligible to apply for U.S. citizenship. The applicant must speak English. What is so difficult about that? Steve Savage, Marietta

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