Reader’s Write: Jan. 15

Atlanta bicycle plan a waste of funds

The recent appointment of a bicycle czar for Atlanta seems to signal another futile attempt at controlling a major traffic problem by a scheme to shoehorn more bicycles into already clogged arteries such as numbered state highways. This puts both cyclists and vehicles at risk. Painting a few lines in the middle of the pavement for a few disconnected blocks merely adds to the general frustration and is a waste of money. Bicycles do not belong on major highways any more than horses do.

The only solution is to build long, continuous bicycle paths on separate rights-of-way, like pedestrian sidewalks, as other cities have done. This is an expensive solution that can only be justified by a demonstrated existing usage by hundreds of daily riders who are willing to pay the necessary taxes, not by a vocal cluster of a few dozen biking enthusiasts.

Additionally, all cyclists should be required to have lights and reflectors at night.


Marijuana still proven to be gateway drug

After graduation, a high school friend of mine became a law enforcement officer and a member of the narcotics squad of a large northeastern city. I attended a talk he gave one time and always remembered what he said; “I have never encountered a heroin addict who didn’t get started on marijuana.” Take heed all of you who want to legalize it.