Neal Boortz: Reform all about controlling access to health care

How does that thing go again? Equal treatment under the law?

Now I know I’m being obtuse here, but for many years I thought that this meant that all citizens — no matter how rich or poor, powerful or weak — would be treated the same by government under our laws.

Silly me.

I also had this absurd idea that citizens of one state would generally be bound by the same federal regulations as citizens of any other state.

Well, brace yourselves. The Democrats are taking a bold step in that direction with their dealings on their precious health-care takeover.

Who didn’t know, after all, that Nebraska Democrat Ben Nelson was just waiting for his price to be paid! With Ben Nelson (not to mention Louisiana’s Mary Landrieu) bought, paid for and gift wrapped, Americans will soon be opening a present that will change their lives and their country. All it took was creating some special and unique federal benefits and breaks for the people of Nebraska.

I know some of you are excited; especially those of you in the moocher class. No doubt there are many people who believe that they’ll never have to worry about a medical bill again; just as some ObamaManiacs thought that their mortgage payments were mysteriously going to be taken care of as soon as The Community Organizer became our “Sort of a God.”

It’s going to take years for some of you to get it. Many get it now. This has never been about health-care reform. This is not about improving the quality or delivery of health care. It is about one thing and one thing only: CONTROLLING your access to health care.

The Democrat’s health-care “reform” has always been about making government more powerful and the people more dependent. Dependency begets weakness. Weakness begets tyrants.

We are now going to witness politicians who would have no solid job prospects in the free market making decisions for physicians who went through seven or more years of post-graduate education. Now there’s some change you can believe in.

So, you’re convinced there is going to be no rationing under ObamaCare? Tell me something: Under ObamaCare, doctors are going to see cuts in Medicare payments. Some — perhaps many — will decide it’s time to retire.

While doctors run from ObamaCare, millions of new patients will be hunting down those who are left. These new patients, armed with their wonderful new health-care entitlement, will flood doctors’ offices at the first sign of a nasal drip or toenail fungus. There will be a finite amount of health care available, and the demand will expand exponentially.

Go ahead, dream your no-rationing dream; then drop me a note to tell me how you feel the first time a bureaucrat tells you “sorry, we’re not going to cover that.” You do know that Medicare has a higher rate of rejected claims than those evil private sector health insurance companies, don’t you? Oh! You say you didn’t know that? Well, it’s a bit late in the game for you to be trying to get some education on this, don’t you think?

The private sector options were available. Insurance mandates could have been eliminated. Individuals could have been given the same tax breaks their employers received when buying a personal health insurance plan. People could have been allowed to band together in private associations to purchase health insurance in bulk. Limits on health savings accounts could have been expanded. No government agencies. No bureaucrats. Just the free market at work. Republicans offered amendments for all of these private-sector options. All were beaten down by Democrats.

The party in power, and their leader, believe that America’s greatness comes from government.

Once you get a load of your health care in about five years you’re going to know better.

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