Neal Boortz: PC phrases that burn my bacon

By now most of you realize that it really takes a lot to move me from calm and collected to being just the slightest bit upset.

So what does yank my chain? Political Correctness.

I can fight back though. As bad as PC gets, I can get just as strong in the other direction. For instance, I can tell you with absolute certainty that no matter what that home security company would like you to believe, it’s not only white dudes smashing windows and kicking down doors to break into homes and threaten women and children. I can also assure you that several times a year – maybe as many as five times – there will be a picnic or a gathering in someone’s home in this country that does not include a group consisting of no less than three ethnic backgrounds.

And then there’s PC language. Now there’s where I get upset. If you’re not sure what I’m talking about here, let me give you a few examples of language that needs to be buried in a shallow literary grave somewhere ... alive.

The words and their definitions ... knock yourselves out:

Give back - A phrase used to describe charitable giving: Primarily utilized to promote the idea that the money being contributed to the charitable cause was either taken by or given to the actual contributor rather than earned. The correct descriptive phrase would be "give."

Greedy - A favorite of the moon bat left. Used to describe one who seeks to make a profit from the sale of a service or product.

The Richest One Percent – Phrase used exclusively by leftist politicians to describe people who own and operate over 50 percent of the nation's private small businesses; businesses that employ between 70 percent and 80 percent of all private-sector employees and which are creating 80 percent of all new private sector jobs. These people are not paying their fair share of taxes. (See next entry)

Fair Share of Taxes - That portion of a wealthy individual or business owner's gross income which the government must seize in order to reduce that person's net income to 80 percent that of the average middle class union worker.

Racism - The expression of any negative thought or an utterance, writing or action determined by the left to have been critical to any discernible degree of an individual who is not white.

Extreme, Out of the Mainstream - Any idea relating to or supporting a literal interpretation of the Constitution of the United States or promoting concepts of individual liberty and self reliance.

Hate Speech – Any utterance, especially from conservative or libertarian talk show host, which criticizes any action undertaken by or concept promoted by a Democrat or liberal; or which promotes an idea or concept that cannot easily be refuted by liberals through the use of rational or fact-based arguments.

Public Schools - A phrase used to describe schools owned and operated by the government, operating on government property, staffed by government employees, and operating under standards and principles established by government agents. The correct descriptive phrase would be "Government schools."

Comprehensive Immigration Reform - Legislation relating to border security and illegal immigration which provides for amnesty for illegal aliens already residing and working in the United States, and which takes only token steps to prevent millions more from crossing the border to take advantage of the next version of comprehensive immigration reform.

Undocumented Worker, Undocumented Immigrant, Migrant without Papers, Displaced Foreign Traveler, Undocumented Dweller - All phrases used to define illegal aliens; people who break the law crossing our border, break the law taking a job in the United States, and continue to break the law by staying here. These people should be referred to as Illegal Democrats.

The beginnings of the Boortzionary! It’s a work in progress. Stay tuned.

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