Neal Boortz: 17 days away from righting our wrongs

I’m in my 40th year of talk radio in Atlanta. That’s a lot of elections. Never in those 40 years has there been an election that I believe to be as critical as this one to the future of our country.

Since Barack Obama’s coronation in 2009, the Democrats have been doing exactly what I started telling my radio listeners they would do back in 1994 if they ever managed to get complete control of Washington — the House, the Senate and the presidency — again. They would move quickly to make as many Americans dependent on government, and hence the Democratic Party, as they possibly could in the shortest amount of time. So, may I say a big “thank you” to the Democrats for making me look like a political sage.

The Democrats’ first big move was ObamaCare. No lie was too blatant, no procedural gimmick too shameful for the Democrats. Health care simply had to come under government control. True, they didn’t get all the control they wanted at the beginning. The so-called “public option” (another term for single payer) is just going to have to wait for the destruction of the private sector health insurance market. ObamaCare, a law designed to make it all but impossible for a private health insurer to make a profit and stay in business, was crafted with that destruction in mind. There was one flaw, though, in the Democrats’ plan. They had no way to hold the insurance companies and private businesses back on the changes they had to make for the sake of survival until after the midterm elections.

The first shoe to drop was several large businesses hinting that as soon as the ObamaCare mandate went into effect they would drop employee health coverage. The penalty would be less expensive than the additional costs. Then we had insurance companies dropping their child-only policies. These companies reasoned that they would have to raise premiums when they were no longer allowed to exclude children with pre-existing conditions. They also realized that parents would start canceling children’s policies and would only apply for coverage if and when their child became sick. Plus, those children would then stay on the books until they were 26. Any insurance executive would tell you that this is a model for guaranteed failure.

Then we had companies like McDonald’s suggesting that they were going to drop their “mini-med” plans. Why? The mandated increases in benefits would be simply unaffordable. Obama moved quickly to offer waivers to McDonald’s and (why not?) to some of his union pals. So much for the law applying to everyone equally.

Now, 17 days before the election, we have a new poll provided to me by Fox News showing that 59 percent of Americans want ObamaCare either repealed or modified. This is not good news for the Democrats who voted for this atrocity. The only Democrats you can find campaigning on ObamaCare are the ones who are pleading to their constituents, “Hey, I didn’t vote for that thing!” So much for The Community Organizer’s principal legislative achievement. Now we have a federal judge in Florida ruling that a lawsuit brought by the attorneys general of 20 states on the constitutionality of the mandate can go forward. With any luck we’re looking at the beginning of the end of ObamaCare.

By the way, regarding that federal lawsuit. When Obama was pushing his health care takeover, he told George Stephanopoulos that the mandate was just definitely and absolutely not a tax and was not a violation of his pledge not to raise taxes on 95 percent of Americans. But just how did the Obama administration argue in federal court that the mandate was constitutional? Why, they said it was a tax! That one slipped by your radar screen, didn’t it?

Well, you have 17 days to wait, and then you can make up for your lack of due diligence.

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