Moderator’s introduction

Today's moderator: David Ibata

David Ibata is an Opinion editor with the AJC. He previously worked as a dispatch editor for, a copy editor and wire editor for the AJC and before that, as a home page web producer, deputy suburban bureau chief and staff writer for The Chicago Tribune. He also was a co-founder and chapter president of the Chicago chapter of the Asian American Journalists Association.

Today's guest columnists take on dysfunction in Washington. A history professor warns what happened the last time the people lost faith in their central government. An economist has advice for Congress: Just do what's minimally necessary for now, and things will get better. And two political experts say changing the way we elect legislators could undo partisan gridlock. To comment, go to:

» The danger of unbridgeable faction by George B. Crawford

» Memo to Congress: Do no harm by Mark Zandi

» How we can undo gridlock  by Bob Richie and Devin McCarthy