Important schoolwork

The races for governor and U.S. Senate have overshadowed the election for State School Superintendent, a job that impacts 9 in 10 Georgia schoolchildren. Nominees make their case to voters below.
Georgia is one of only 13 states that still elects its state school superintendent, and that important decision will fall to voters on Nov. 4. The volatility of the races for Georgia governor and U.S. Senate has overshadowed the superintendent contest, so we asked Republican Richard Woods and Democrat Valarie Wilson to share their visions for the state’s public schools. In their responses, we asked them to address two general areas: 1. How can what you do as state school superintendent affect a fourth grader in Hancock County or a high school freshman in Ringgold? 2. At the end of your four years in office, what improvements can Georgians expect to see in their schools?