AJC Letters: Dec. 20

Representatives only care about own party

I watched the impeachment proceedings as Republican after Republican held the line in defense of the president. “This is a sham,” they bellowed. “You have no direct evidence that the president did anything wrong,” they said.

What I find interesting, is the very people who would have direct knowledge of what the President did or didn't do, were all prevented from testifying. It looks like they will also be prevented from testifying in the Senate. So this begs the question: Are Republicans more interested in holding the party line than they are in finding the truth? We the people can not be served when representatives of either party have a greater allegiance to the party, than to the Constitution and the people that elected them. God help us all. — JAKE DAVENPORT, COLLEGE PARK

Political system working the way it was designed

The "abuse of power" charge by the Democrats against President Trump rings very hollow and inadequate for impeachment. I believe every one of the 45 presidents, both Republicans and Democrats, have been accused of "abuse of power" by the opposing party during their tenure. This is the way the system was designed to work. Our wonderful United States Constitution was designed by our genius founders to overcome human nature. That which notes: "Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely." Our founding fathers well understood excesses of kings and dictators. Our balance of powers system between the Executive, Legislative and judicial is the essence that keeps the dark side of human nature at bay. So folks, don't get so angry and upset over the "politicking" that is going on in the country now, it is just the system at work. Be happy and grateful that you live in this wonderful country that is the envy of the world. — STUART MCCANLESS, OXFORD

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