Added features help readers is part of our "all-access subscription" -- in print, online, even your phone

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As a devoted reader of The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, you deserve the scoop on some plans we’ve been making.

Many of you have helped with those plans. We’ve consulted you, asked you to be part of focus groups and surveyed you.

And we’ve learned important things from you, and what you want from us.

We’re doing all of this because your newspaper is hard at work on responding to your needs in today’s digital world.

We’ve just announced our new “all-access subscription,” which means that subscribers have total access to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. And I mean “total.” In print, online, on your smartphone and your tablet – and any other delivery method that might come along.

We’ve also launched a new website for our subscribers, called You’ve told us you want a website that’s just for subscribers — one that’s organized like your newspaper. Right now, the site is live and available for a free preview for our subscribers. (We’ll go public with this on April 2.)

More in a bit about that website and the ideas we got from you that we used to create it. First, there are a couple of important things we also learned that you want from us, no matter how you read us.

• Many of you, of course, still love the printed newspaper – especially on Sunday. No surprise there, and we’ve no plans to quit delivering it to you. I’m the same way. There’s nothing like that morning cup of coffee with the newspaper; it’s one of life’s great joys, especially for our connected-to-their-world-and-community readers.

• You’ve told us that you value our in-depth and investigative coverage, and you depend on The Atlanta Journal-Constitution for the “real” story. Of course, I love to hear that. But you’ve been clear to us: no matter how and where you read us, that kind of coverage must continue. Every day. So rest assured, we are at work in these new formats to bring you news in forms that take advantage of new technology.

• You want the convenience of accessing the newspaper whenever and wherever you want. You use your smartphone, iPad or other device for news – and you want it from someone you trust.

One of the most important things we learned: subscribers want a web site that’s more like the newspaper. Got it. Done. is designed for subscribers, and it’s included in the price of a subscription.

You’ll find that is organized like the newspaper, uncluttered and an experience that’s set up for a reader. It includes all of the content in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

The site will also offer the latest breaking news.

Visit, and you’ll find the information you need to get access.

Let us know what you think. Input from readers will help us make it better.

The preview will last until May 15, and during the preview it’s a good idea to set up your account for uninterrupted access.

And tell your friends who don’t subscribe about it.

We know that some folks don’t subscribe because they travel, or worry about getting to their newspaper each day. With, they can read the newspaper on their laptop or tablet, even on the road or waiting in the doctor’s office.

This is all part of the transition we’re making in today’s media world. Your newspaper remains the best and deepest source of information about Metro Atlanta. So it’s an exciting time to reach even more readers who prefer their news in a different format.

Technology, as we know, will keep changing and developing. We’re committed to keeping pace.

But some things won’t change.

We’ll still keep bringing you news with urgency, insight and depth. We’ll work every day to keep an eye on government and important institutions.

No technology can replace that job.

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