Woman takes pig on flight to Miami

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They say pigs can’t fly, but this one did.

According to Inside Edition, when Megan Peabody, 28, was flying to Miami she took her pet pot-bellied pig, Hamlet, with her.

Hamlet's two-hour flight on American Airlines is another in a long line of examples of people taking odd animals on flights with them for emotional support. In Peabody's case, Hamlet is important to her recovery with anorexia.

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Airport employees and passengers looked on in awe as the 70-pound pig went through airport security and was carried up a ramp and onto the plane by Peabody.

Once inside, Hamlet sat quietly in Peabody’s lap, not disrupting the passenger seated next to them.

As to why Hamlet’s presence was necessary, Peabody told Inside Edition that “petting animals helps you relax. It lowers your blood pressure and relieves stress.”

For more information, watch the video from Inside Edition.