Woman searching for stolen antique wooden box

Hollie Crawford-Farr's Centralia, Washington home is filled with antiques she's collected and several others she's inherited from family members. So recently when items started disappearing, she got suspicious.

“You get in the habit of coming and going and looking at certain things. What wasn’t where it was supposed to be or maybe it’s been rearranged,” said Crawford-Farr.

She says the items were taken and sold by a family member but didn't want to talk about the circumstances publicly.

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She's had to buy back several antiques, including ivory handled silverware, a locket and a pocket watch, after they were sold to a local antique store without her knowledge. But there is one item she can't track down, a small hand-carved wooden box that has been in the family for generations.

“It was part of an inheritance that my late mother-in-law had gotten from her Uncle Roy," she said. "There were several pieces involved in that collection and it was just a beautiful piece.”

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There was also paperwork detailing items in that inherited collection with outdated appraisals. Crawford-Farr posted photos of the item on a Lewis county Facebook page in early February, asking people to be on the lookout for it, but so far nothing.

She said the chest sold for $50 the day it was sold to the antique store and she's hoping whoever bought it will hear she's looking for it and sell it back to the family.

“It’s an item that I would really like to have back as part of the family collection,” Crawford-Farr said.

She says the buyer can reach her on the Lewis County Facebook page, Lewis County Free, Wanted and For Sale, or contact Timeless Treasures in Centralia.