Woman says Uber driver raped her after she left Atlanta bar

Police say they're investigating an Uber driver in connection with a sexual assault in Atlanta.

The victim told WSB-TV's Nefertiti Jaquez the driver attacked her and then left her on the street.

The 20-year-old victim said she was hanging out with a group of her high school friends and decided to go home after spending time at the Park Bench bar in Atlanta's Buckhead neighborhood Saturday evening.   
"I’m having it relive it over and over and over," said the victim, whom we are not identifying. 
The Buckhead native said after saying goodbye to her friends, she logged onto her Uber app and ordered a ride. 

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The victim says she got into an Uber after leaving the bar and was headed home. Instead she ended up at Chastain Park where she said the driver raped her.  
"I was trying to pull the lock up, get the door open, but I couldn't get it fast enough," the victim said. 
Police said the victim tried to fight back but just wasn't strong enough. 
Investigators said the driver manhandled her, hit her, raped her and then drove a short distance and threw her out of his car next to the Galloway School. 
The victim told Jaquez that she remembers feeling numb as she called 911. 
"You like this, I know you like this," the victim said her attacker told her. “It's the worst feeling in the world.”
Police aren't the only ones investigating this case.
Jaquez spoke to officials at Uber and said they're aware of the situation and are looking into it. 
They also say, their drivers do have to go through a screening process, before they become drivers. That included a driving and criminal history check, under Georgia law.