Woman running 'baby fight club' convicted of cruelty

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A day care teacher who was running what one prosecutor called a “baby fight club” has been convicted of at least a dozen criminal charges.

Sarah Jordan, 31, of Woodbridge, Virginia was in charge of a classroom of 1-year-olds at Minnieland Academy where she tripped the children, stepped on their toes and sprayed them with a hose.

Witnesses say she often encouraged the children to fight with one another.

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Jordan denied the accusations, saying she sprinkled the kids with water after a sprinkler attachment broke but never harmed the children.

The Virginia Department of Social Services’ 2013 report of Jordan, and another co-worker Kierra Spriggs, added that the women dunked children who were afraid of water into wading pools and laughed after feeding the babies Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

Along with co-worker witness testimony, parents also claimed their children suddenly became afraid of water and began acting violently, similar to the classroom abuse claims such as stepping on other’s feet.

Jordan states the claims come from biases and disagreements with her co-workers but the prosecutor's closing statements argue they had no previous issue with Jordan and that her actions were "not only ... cruel and traumatic, but outrageous criminal conduct on our community's most vulnerable."

Jordan will be jailed as she awaits her sentencing, which is scheduled for May 6.

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