Woman rescues bird, now bird refuses to leave her side

A crow has grown accustomed to a human-like lifestyle after a woman rescued it from a sidewalk.

Vikkie Kenward plucked a baby crow from the sidewalk after she noticed its mother was ignoring it after falling from the nest.

She named the bird Fagin and fed him worms, hoping one day the bird would grow strong enough to fly back to his nest.

But, Vikkie had no such luck. She told The Dodo that Fagin would much rather sit on top of her head than spread his wings.

“I think Fagin sees flying as a sport or does it to have fun,” said Vikkie. “He gets so excited and while flying starts spinning, swooping and spiraling in the air -- as if a fighter jet was hot on his heels.”

Vikkie said Fagin loves to hop in the car with her on trips to McDonald's. He even sips her coffee, Vikkie told The Telegraph.

Vikkie said she leaves the window of her apartment open, and sometimes Fagin will fly away, but he always finds his way back home.

“He views me like a mom,” Vikkie said. “But I never expected to have a baby.”