Why Florida is not the drunkest state

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A study by Detox.net ranks state-by-state alcohol consumption between 2011 and 2013. In looking at the list of states with the highest percentage of drinkers in the last 30 days, we noticed one thing about the Top 5: Florida is not among them.

This surprised us, for obvious reasons.

But then we looked back at the recent news stories about Florida, and well, we guess Florida had other concerns to contend with.

Here are several things Florida residents were doing recently instead of consuming alcohol (although some kind of substance may be to blame for at least some of these):

ExploreThey were running over loggerhead turtle nests with their car.
ExploreThey were fighting over mangos.
ExploreThey were wrecking their bicycles on alligator carcasses.
ExploreThey were running a scam and lying about kidneys.
ExploreThey were stealing cars and trying to sell them back to their owner.
ExploreThey were carefully avoiding SpaceX rocket debris.
ExploreThey were fleeing a robbery on an adult tricycle.
ExploreThey were fighting over how to cook gumbo.
ExploreThey were stealing police cars while in handcuffs. 
ExploreThey were hiding their dead mothers, although not very well.

Aw, we're just kidding, Florida. We know you're been taking it on the chin lately. With all that flesh-eating bacteria, we know you have your hands full.

Here are the Top 5 states for drunkenness, as a percentage of adults who have had at least one drink of alcohol in the past 30 days:

1. Wisconsin, 65.33

2. Washington, DC, 65.03

3. Vermont, 64.47

4. New Hampshire, 64.07

5. Massachusetts, 64.00

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