What is Friendsgiving?

  • Jessica Sooknanan, Kendall Trammell
1:54 p.m Tuesday, Nov. 22, 2016 National/World News

Ahead of Thanksgiving, many people are saying they're attending a Friendsgiving.

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While most people usually spend Thanksgiving with their families, Friendsgiving gives a name to celebrations of friendship. Friendsgiving is a time for friends to come together, share a meal and give thanks. It has become a common gathering during the holiday season for young adults across the country.

One New York woman called the celebration "a millennial-driven interpretation of Thanksgiving."

A lot of millennials are unmarried and living away from their families in different cities. Friends in their communities often serve as a main support system and act as a family away from home.

Friendsgiving, which is not a substitute for Thanksgiving, is usually celebrated before Thanksgiving Day, so as not to conflict with family get-togethers on the official holiday. People involved in a Friendsgiving event usually bring a food item or drink in a potluck-style celebration.