Wedding photo found in 9/11 rubble reunited with owner after 13 years

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Talk about persistence paying off.

According to "Good Morning America," college professor Elizabeth Stringer Keefe has spent the last 13 years seeking the rightful owner of a wedding photo found by a friend of hers in the 9/11 rubble.

Every year since the attacks, Stringer Keefe would engage in a campaign to find the photo's owner. In recent years, she has spread the word via social networks.

Stringer Keefe kept the photo tucked inside her favorite Ernest Hemmingway book for safekeeping.

This year, a day after the 9/11 anniversary, Fred Mahe was made aware of the photo via a coworker who sent him a story about the photo quest.

Mahe was a member of the wedding party, and in the photograph. In fact, he was the owner of the photograph, which had been posted in his office on the 77th floor of the second World Trade Center building.

Mahe escaped 9/11 unharmed, as the attacks began while he was commuting to work.

The bride and groom in the photo, Christine and Christian Loredo, were also told about the found wedding photo.

Christine Loredo said the photo is a "great memento of resilience" and commended Stringer Keefe on her tireless mission to reunite the photo with its owner.

Mahe and Stringer Keefe have talked on the phone and hope to meet up in person soon.