Watch: Woman has priceless reaction upon learning she's a grandmother

Eva Goeb had no idea her son and daughter-in-law were going to visit them in Franklin, Indiana, for the holidays, so that was special enough.

But the dual Air Force couple didn't come alone. They also brought along their newly adopted daughter, Melissa Faith, to surprise grandma.

Mobile users can click here to watch Goeb's reaction to the surprise, which is truly heartwarming and priceless.

The parents, Miranda and Donny, had been dual-enrolled in the service since 2008, according to WTHR.

She retired in September and the adoption process had begun.

The baby, whose nickname is Lily, was adopted from someone Donny had been deployed with in the past because the couple wanted it to be personal.

They received confirmation that they would be parents on Nov. 12 and met the mother on Nov. 25. The girl was born on Dec. 8.

The news was too special to share over the phone, the mother said. So they surprised the whole family with the visit and the baby.

A very Merry Christmas, indeed.

Ed. note: The family has started a GoFundMe page to help with adoption costs.