WATCH: Teens react to 'prehistoric' Windows 95 in hilarious viral video

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Get ready to feel old.

In the latest installment of the popular "Teens React" seriesFine Brothers Entertainment introduces today's teenagers to a technological relic: the 20-plus-year-old Windows 95 operating system. 

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The youngsters, including 17-year-old "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" star Karan Brar, struggle to turn on the yellowed Dell PC, scoff at the "dull and ancient" appearance of the OS and can't seem to wrap their heads around dial-up Internet access.

Some notable reactions:
  • "The fact that the monitor is bigger than the actual computer itself, that says a lot."
  • "Are these the one that take floppy disks inside of them?"
  • "I don't think I've ever heard a computer make these sounds before in my life."
  • "Wait, what's a modem?"
  • "It's prehistoric. It really is! It's an old dinosaur."
  • "How do you get on the Internet if there's no Wi-Fi?"
  • "'It's now safe to turn off [your computer].' That actually scares me a little!"

The hilarious viral video has more than 1.9 million views on YouTube.

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